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Tips And Info On The Maltese Dog Breed

Man's best friend comes in all shapes and sizes from massive Great Danes to microscopic Teacup Chihuahuas. It pays to be educated about the breed of dog you're considering. Here are some things to take into account about the Maltese.

The Maltese is a member of the toy class, usually weighing between three and 10 pounds. Its most prominent characteristic is its long, flowing white hair with no undercoat. Because the Maltese don't have fur like other breeds, it will lose hair the way humans do instead of shedding like most dogs. Perhaps the most interesting and unique characteristi... More

Training Your Maltese Dog In The Best Possible Way

You you might need to engage in some Maltese puppy training if you've recently acquired one of these fine dogs. This happens to be one of the main places where good bonding with your puppy can occur. He or she will know what you expect of him and you will understand more about how he will react. Below we mention some fairly good points about training your Maltese puppy in the near future.

Being originally from Europe, the Maltese breed has been considered to be one of Europe's oldest toy breeds first popular among people with status including aristocracy and other royal subjects.... More

Maltese Dog Breed History, Description, Temperament, Health Issues, Grooming and Living Conditions

Description: The Maltese breed has silk like fur and is in the toy group. They have a slightly rounded skull and a finger width dome, with a two finger width long muzzle which has a black nose, although this can change colour to a light brown or pink nose in the winter returning to the black, with sun exposure in the spring and summer months. The Maltese have pendant ears that are set low and close to the head, these are well feathered. With black eyes that are large and have black rims. The height of dogs being 8 to 10 inches, and bitches being 8 to 9 inches, and they have a weight of 6 to... More

Maltese Eye Stain - Easy Home Remedy For Canine Tear Stains

If you have been struggling to find out how to get rid of your pet's eye stain or tear stain discharge I can totally relate to what you are going through.

We have several Maltese dogs in our family and a few of them unfortunately had severe Maltese eye stain problems.

At first we did not know what to do. The stains ran down their faces from the inside corner of their eyes down each side of their nose and it was unsightly and gross looking compared to the rest of their luxurious white coat.

We checked with our veterinarian and found that the Maltese breed has... More


The Maltese is seen as a ball of hair. Glamorous, difficult and dainty. The Greeks put up tombs for their dogs and a model was found in Egypt as well. They've been an aristocrat for 28 centuries, with documentations of the breed as early as 40 A.D.

These have long been household pets for people with means. They were healthy and although small in size large in temperament. They have a long beautiful coat that is hard to overlook when groomed right.

By the standard the Maltese is less than 7 pounds with a preference of 4-6 pounds if the quality is there. They'll possess ... More

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